The 15 Gayest Getups at Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade

Sunday's Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade was a super-happy event rife with drag queens, rainbow flags, and the occasional dog or baby. The costumes were louder than the music and the dance moves were right out of a Brazilian Carnaval.

But although all our gays and lesbians are equally lovable, some were more colorful than others, so we've put together a list of the 10 gayest people, pets, and assorted other things we saw at the parade.

Check the photos below the jump to see if your friend and his spandex jumpsuit made the cut.

15. A gay rider princess

14. A gay bear

13. A gay baby

12. Un maricon

Yep, you're in Miami.

11. A gay bull...

And an emcee in drag.

10. A group of sexy queens

9. A gay dance

8. A gay biker

These guys are members of the Stonewall Knights, a Florida-based gay men's biker group.

7. A gay raver

6. A gay horsie

5. A gay Roman

4. A gay bride

3. A gay dog

2. A gay ringleader

1. A gay... fairy?

This lady is part of the Twist parade, which was the longest, gayest, most circus-like entry of the afternoon.

Happy Pride!

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