Sheltered Artist Johnnie Christmas on Growing Up in Miami and His Top-Selling Comic

Like a list of highest grossing movies, the week's top selling comic books are filled with familiar names: Batman, Spider-Man, X-men, Superman, Sheltered...

Wait, Sheltered?

There's not even a man at the end of its title, but the first issue of a creator-owned comic book about a separatist community recently managed to crack Bleeding Cool's top ten list this month. With its deft characterizations, cinematic pacing, and action packed cliffhanger of an ending, Sheltered drew as many comparisons to The Walking Dead as a work with zero zombies in it possibly could.

Days after a triumphant journey hobnobbing with fanboys at the San Diego Comic-Con and a week before the August 7 release date of Sheltered #2, New Times caught up with Sheltered artist and co-creator Johnnie Christmas from his Vancouver art studio as he reminisced about his South Florida childhood and how beer can serve as one's muse.

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