Meet Seven of Miami’s Most Popular Pet Influencers

They're so hot right now. They're easy on the eyes. And they're flaunting it all for the world to see.

Oh, right — and they're pets.

Yes, we’re talking about the dogs, cats, and other creatures taking over Insta feeds in the 305 and well beyond.

These are the lovable pet influencers that are providing much-needed positivity amid the polarizing political crap littering our feeds. And, in some cases, these are the four-legged friends that are helping companies sell you their next big products.

Prepare for cuteness overload. Here are seven Miami pet influencers to add some fluff to your feed.

@realdiddykong. There are two monkeys on Instagram that are way more popular than you. Miami-based Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong share a handle that has more than 1 million followers. And it’s all well deserved. In recent times, these beautiful, tiny little beings have appeared cuddling in front of products like Two Hats Beer and hangin’ with peeps like Jojo Siwa.

@StrykertheCat. Every cat owner thinks her own fluffball is the best feline. But sorry — Stryker the Cat wins and the game is over. Stryker, a stunning, spotted F1 Savannah cat, has 154,000 followers and is often seen meowing ferociously or playing by some form of water. He has an awesome story, too: Stryker was originally rescued when his home was flooded.

@remixthedog. He’s appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, on Mashable and on Buzzfeed. Remix the Dog, an adorable Miami-based miniature schnauzer, is pretty much the canine equivalent of Bieber. He has more than 123,000 Insta followers and has repped brands including Coach, Dyson, Swiffer, and Milk Bone.

@kiko_the_little_frenchie. Quite possibly owning the sweetest underbite on planet Earth is Kiko the Little Frenchie. Often clad in pink and occasionally rooting on the Marlins or getting her cosplay on, Kiko is frequently seen on her feed with sisters Maaya and Suki. She reps Cane & Co. and Frenchie Bulldog brands for her 72,000 Insta fans.

@mallowfrenchie. Mallow the Frenchie is posing next to a lot of things these days: Nutrish dog food, Frappuccinos from Starbucks, babes in bikinis galore. Her nearly 50,000 Instagram followers eat it all up, too, and it’s always an adventure to see where she’ll end up next.

@puck_the_pup. His tail is wagging, his stock is rising, and his name is Puck the Pup. He's a beautiful Lakewood golden retriever who's about 18 months old. His feed – which nearly 12,000 fans follow – is full of adorableness, like Puck plopped at Oceana Bal Harbour and sporting Dolphins gear.

@itsrosiedoodle. Rosie, a mini goldendoodle, is billed as a professional napper and bacon connoisseur. So basically, she's living your dream life. Rosie is 4 years old, has nearly 12,000 followers, and can be seen all about town – recently appearing at the premiere of Alpha the Movie and regularly posing with White Girl Rosé.   
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