Santa's Secret Stash: Five Stocking Stuffers for Stoners

There's nothing sweeter than the aroma of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, right? And by that we mean our favorite seasonal strand of marijuana, chestnut. That's what Mr. X, our weed connect, calls it, "'cause it puts you in the 420-friendly holiday spirit, yo." 

True that, and because Cultist is all about the holiday spirit, and responsible, recreational weed smoking, we thought it'd be sweet to share our favorite stoner stocking stuffers. Check 'em out below.

5. Electric Coffee Grinder 

We don't know many stoners that drink fresh ground coffee each morning, but we sure know plenty of them that would love a new grinder this year. Dropping a few heavy nugs into a Magic Bullet isn't only the best way to break-up your bud, it's also great for building a dank keef collection. After a month or two of grinding, you'll have enough THC crystals for a monster blunt; electric grinder, the gift that keeps giving.

And speaking of blunts....

4. Box of Dutch Masters

Giving a box of Dutch Masters to a stoner is like giving a homeless man a carton of cigarettes; it's the sweetest gift they'll ever receive. Hook your stoner up with a box of vanilla mini cigarillos this year, and ask them to spark you up.

3. Inconspicuous Stash Storage

Whether it's a Miguel Cabrera Russian nesting doll, or the inside of a mini flashlight, pot smokers need an inconspicuous place to stash their stash. We think the stoner in your life will truly appreciate a thoughtful, makeshift storage trinket in their stocking.

2. Lighters

A five-pack of mini BICs is the perfect stocking stuffer because stoners lose lighters, always. Give the gift of fire this Christmas.

1. Dime Bag

Though he only pushes "eighths and up," we convinced Mr. X to sell us a few dime bags each year for the special stoner friends on our shopping list. All he asks in return: "don't tell them where you go it from, okay?"

We most certainly will not, Mr. X. Happy Holidays.

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