A Poem: "Merry Christmas, I’ve Scheduled Your Vaccine Appointment"

Was that so hard?
Was that so hard? US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Griffin Kersting (released)/via Flickr
Merry Christmas, I’ve Scheduled Your Vaccine Appointment

This year, all I want is you alive for next one
Healthy, maskless, resilient, fearless
Bravery doesn’t favor the stubbornly bold
Your excuses are old, my patience is low
You have the right to selection
whether you’d like the injection,
but where’s your protection?
How will you fight the infection?
You’re a sitting duck, risking luck
Listen up, I took the liberty and signed you up
Stuffed your stocking with the date and time
I’ll drive you there, we’ll wait in line
Give the gift of saving lives
Not just your own, but also mine.
                                                –Raj Tawney, 2021
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Raj Tawney is a poet, journalist, and writer covering race and culture from his multiracial American perspective. Find him at