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Peen in 3-D And Other Delightful Reads on Sale This Week

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The term "coffee table book" typically conjures images that delve into either insufferably dull or insufferably cute territory -- things like the evolution of American coinage, or little puppies dressed up in Halloween costumes.

However, with TASCHEN books proliferating tabletops nowadays, you're more likely to set your cup of tea on an 1800s rendering of a circus clown flying on a trapeze, or the largest male reproductive organ you've ever seen (on paper, anyway).

That's right -- The Big Book of Penis is one of TASCHEN's bestsellers (3D editions available), and also one of the store's many books you can snag for half the original price this weekend.

TASCHEN bookstores worldwide are having a blowout sale, offering

thousands of slightly damaged and display copies of store favorites for

as much as 75% off. The TASCHEN Miami store, located at 1111 Lincoln

Road in Miami Beach, will hold its sale from today through

Sunday, Jan. 22.

TASCHEN is a publisher notorious for both its elite taste for quality and an, ahem, streak of the unorthodox. The company's

stated mission has been to publish innovative, fabulous art books at

popular prices. Those prices are about to get more popular come Friday.

Although the sale books will vary by location, Miami store manager Sanda

Trapero gave us the lowdown on some notable titles to scoop up this


75 Years of DC Comics. The Art of Modern Mythmaking: $100

started out as a comic book store in 1980; its founder, Benedikt

Tashcen, dreamed of sharing his extensive collection of comics with the

Cologne community. Many years -- and dreams realized -- later, TASCHEN

offers 75 Years of DC Comics, The Art of Modern Mythmaking, a mammoth

hardcover measuring 11.4 x 15.6 inches of full-color adolescent delight.

The book contains over 2,000 images, fold-out timelines measuring

nearly four feet and an appendix filing bios on artists, writers,

editors, publishers, and actors alike. The store's description warns that

even Superman might have trouble lifting this XL book, so if you can

manage to carry it out of the store it's yours for $100 -- that's half the

original $200 price tag.

Diego Rivera. The Complete Murals: $100

collection, centered on Latin American art hero Diego Rivera, is

another coffee table book too big for your coffee table. "Mr. Taschen

wanted this sale to be bigger, better, bolder than ever," explained

Sandra. Emphasis on the bigger.

Like the DC Comics book, this

one folds out into stunning renderings of the Mexican artist's

celebrated works. Other XL books that will be 50% off include art books

on Matisse, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio, a tribute to Muhammad Ali, and

The Book of Palms, a volume devoted exclusively to the 19th century art

and study of palm trees. (What better accessory for a Miami Beach living


Architecture Now! 7: $19.99

multi-volume Architecture Now! series examines contemporary

architecture worldwide with thoughtful prose and photographs as

inventive as the buildings they capture. Each edition is an industry

update from the last, and is organized A-Z for easy reference.

Architecture Now! 7, the latest in the series, is subtitled After the

Fall: Architecture in a New Economic Climate. The edition examines how

architects are stretching their creative muscle in a time of budget

constraint -- something most of us can relate to, unfortunately. A variety

of the Architecture Now! titles will be available at the sale for

$19.99, half of the original $39.99 price.

The Big Book of Breasts: $29.99

is known for pushing the label with erotic and fetishistic imagery that

wouldn't otherwise hit the average mainstream book nook. Take the

publisher's popular Body Part Series, for example: Breasts, penis, butt, legs, and, most recently, pussy all cheerfully and unapologetically adorn

TASCHEN bookshelves worldwide in all their stupefying glory.


volumes, however, balance shock value with high art and pop culture

history to create a visual diorama as educational as it is pornographic.

On one page of The Big Book of Breasts, a large pullout quote by Dolly

Parton puts it all into perspective: "I do have big tits. Always had

'em -- pushed 'em up, whacked 'em around. Why not make fun of 'em? I've

made a fortune with 'em."

Dolly's bazoombas -- and many, many

more -- are all yours for $29.99, half off the original price. Look out

for the other books in the Body Part series, as well.

Menu Design in America, 1850- 1985: $29.99

more iconic of American culture than our love of food? Take a

cross-country, century-long road trip in this delightful volume that

spotlights that little printed paper of words and pictures that, during

each fleeting encounter, represents the most crucial, agonizing decision

in your universe: the food menu.

Revisit the Jetsons-like

spacey graphics customary of 1950s diners; ogle over the posh dinner

offerings at the Rockefeller Center Rooftop; gasp at a circa-1935 image

of what appears to be a woman squirting wine out of her nipples into the

glasses of several eager, black-tie gentleman at the French Casino in


Menu Design in America: A Visual and Culinary History of

Graphic Styles and Design 1850-1985 provides a visual feast (ha ha) for

all at 50% off the $59.99 original price.

--Grace Stainback

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.