Other Miami Public Art We Expect Billy Yeager to Take Credit For

Oh, Billy Yeager. You had us going with your claim about dropping that Steinway in Biscayne Bay. Admittedly, we were a bit cynical when you said your slight wife managed to lift the piano off a barge and onto the sandbar. A couple other claims (like when you said man can survive on sunlight alone and listed a treehouse as a past residence) also made us uneasy.  Too bad a teenybopper came forward to say he was the real piano bandit.

But we want to make sure you get credit for everything else you've created in Miami. And we're anticipating that you'll stake your claim in the following ten public artworks.

10. Underwater Jesus

Some people claim Italian Guido Galletti (go figure, an Italian Guido!)

created the Jesus of the Abyss at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park,

but we know better. It was the Yeager-Meister, right?

9. Shoes at Cocoplum Circle

Just outside of ritzy Cocoplum neighborhood are the famous bronze shoes

sculptures that Billy might have made.

8. Pink Snails

We had serious doubts that Billy Yeager actually was responsible for the

Pink Snails that debuted at Basel, but when we heard some of them were

dumped into the bay--not too far from where piano is--we knew it was our

man. He also single handedly moved them to the Gables this month -- while blindfolded.

7. Peacocks, Roosters

First Billy dotted Little Havana with those stupid roosters, and then he put those dumb peacocks in the Grove. What's next?

6. Coral Castle

We know what you're saying. This can't possibly be Billy's work. But

think again, the hippie artist must have time warped to get the stones

in place early last century.

5. Coppertone Girl

One of Miami's enduring commercials symbols now on the side of MiMo District

building; we should have known Billy was behind that famous behind in the Coppertone ad. Word

is that pup is modeled after Billy's dog.

4. Building with Hole in It

Arquitectonica claims to have designed this building. But we think

they're pulling a Billy Yeager. Because Billy Yeager will probably claim it as his


3. Miami Circle

We found evidence that Tequesta Indians consulted with Billy Yeager

before they built that mysterious thing by the Miami River. Again, it's

proximity to the water was a dead giveaway.

2. Police Car on Side of Building

Think getting a piano in the middle of the bay is hard. You should try

putting a police car on the side of a building like Billy must have done.

1. Vizcaya

Billy's most ambitious project to date, the marvelous mansion and gardens are a symbol of Miami--just like Yeager.

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