Nine Old Folks With Mad Hot Skills

Old folks are kind of like monkeys. Not only do they occasionally sling their own poo for fun, but when they do something that normal humans do -- like a dance -- we find it entertaining/amazing/hilarious and want to shower them in nuts.

(Or is that just our impulse? No wonder our memaw developed a fear of cashews. She bruises easily.)

Because people find the elderly and monkeys so entertaining/amazing/hilarious, another similarity the two share is that videos of them posted on YouTube usually become pretty popular. Who hasn't seen the clip of a monkey scratching his own butt, smelling his finger, and fainting? And more recently, who hasn't caught the clip of a granny showing off some hot moves while sitting in a chair? With all those brittle bones rubbing so quickly together,

she's on fire!

But this liver-spotted Pussycat Doll isn't the only senior citizen to

show off some sizzle factor c/o YouTube. Catch her and plenty of other golden guys and

gals who've posted their awesome dance, headstand, and even machine gun

shooting skills on the interwebs, after the jump.

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Elyse Wanshel
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