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MTV Holds Open Casting Call for The Real World Tomorrow

Anyone who lives in Miami can attest to the particular strangeness of our colorful residents. Bro, we’ve even written listicles cataloging the type of Miami people you can find in Wynwood to the types of douchebags who inhabit our city. It’s safe to say Miamians are interesting, and definitely interesting enough to attract the attention of MTV.

Saturday, at the Catalina Hotel, casting directors from production company Bunim/Murray Productions will be scouting for the next great Real World reality TV superstar.

“The Miami population has great diversity, and, I have to say, beautiful people,” comments Sasha Alpert, Executive VP of casting Bunim/Murray. She adds that whenever she does castings in Miami, “We always meet so many great, active, and bubbly people who love to have fun.”

Alpert has been casting for Bunim/Murry Productions since season six of The Real World (season six!) — that’s nearly twenty years of looking for reality TV stars in an era before the Kardashians existed – so she knows a thing or two about what stands out in these types of open casting calls.

“At the casting, we're looking for outgoing people with a strong personality who are ready to have an amazing, life-changing experience in the Real World house,” she says. Be sure to have your wits about and be ready to talk about yourself for hours (a skill Miamians have totally mastered).

Although the producers of the show have yet to decide on which city they will be filming the new season come October, Alpert assures New Times that Miami is being considered. "The last time we filmed in Miami was 1996 and a lot has changed in the city and the world since then. If we come back to Miami to film the new season, a lot of those social changes would be reflected in the show."

In addition to South Florida, other cities she will be casting in are Boston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, and Baton Rouge.

Phsaw, Miamians are cooler and crazier than anyone fromt those other cities.. So, please, Miami, head out tomorrow and impress the hell out of Alpert and her team so we can have a little piece of reality TV superstardom in the next season of The Real World.

If you’ve ever for a second thought that your life is just as interesting and wild as that of any of those crazy housewives, then this is your chance. Get ready to live in a house with six total strangers and have your every move recorded on camera.

Grab your best selfie and take your photo ID to Maxine's Bistro & Bar at the Catalina Hotel (1756 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) tomorrow, July 25th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hopefuls must be 21 or over and “appear to be between the ages of 20 and 24” – those born before 1990 need not apply (but, like, if you look young enough, go ahead). Visit for more information and details.

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