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Move Over Joan Rivers

Franchesca Ramsey is our new favorite South Florida celebrity interviewer (sorry Señorita Maria Salas), and she's not even a pro. She spends her days as the communications manager and graphic designer for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, but a contest sponsored by People.com and YouTube sent her to the Red Carpet of the 60th annual prime time Emmys. Yeah, you can actually get a bit of fame from YouTube with out some motivational dance routine or lighting you hair on fire and doing 360s on a bmx.

She entered the Red Carpet Reporter contest with a video of her interviewing her boyfriend and dog. After she was chosen for the top 10 she made another clip interviewing strangers on Lincoln Road. Voters crowned her the winner and she was off to LA. There she met with a stylist, a make up team and with no prep or research was put on red carpet celeb chatting duty. If it was me I'd probably curl up in ball grabbing on to Joan River's legs for comfort, but Franchesca is clearly a natural.

After the jump Franchesca dishes on her experience (awkward moments with Rick Gervais and all), plus a clip from her favorite interview (it involves Josh Groban squawking like a parrot). To see more of Franceshesca's interviews click here.

Who were some of the nicest stars you got to meet?

Franchesca Ramsey: Niecy Nash, Josh Groban, Neil Patrick Harris, John Krasinski and Evangeline Lily

Anyone who clearly didn't think their own shit doesn't stink?

FR: I'm not sure on the status of Mary Louise Parker's excrement, but I felt

our interview was a little awkward and didn't feel natural. I'm hoping it

was just nerves, but she didn't seem very interested in talking to me.

Any red carpet embarrassing moments?

FR: The camera caught me making a face right after my interview with Ricky

Gervais which LOOKS like I'm giving him a dirty look, but in actuality I was

just frustrated with how rushed the interview was. The producer was poking

my leg off screen in an effort to get me to wrap it up so I kinda rolled my

eyes afterwards. Completely unintentional, but I think it's been

misinterpreted. I'm not a bitch, I swear!

Is red carpet reporting something you'd like to do professionally?

FR: It wasn't a career I had previously considered but after this experience I

really want to give it a shot. I'd love to work on a show like VH1's Best

Week Ever or the Soup or sometime of entertainment news show.

What most surprised you about Hollywood during your trip?

FR: Most celebrities were a lot shorter than I had expected.

Did you get any interesting swag?

FR: TONS and TONS of makeup. I literally have enough to last me a lifetime. I

also got a flip camera which is pretty cool, some great cookies and candies

and a custom Cole Haan bag made just for the EW after party.

Do you have any tips for people like me who are horrible at interviewing


FR: Just remember that they're normal people and be yourself!

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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