Miami's Extreme Sports That Are Way Better Than Fantasy Football

If you're reading this blog there's a good chance you are NOT ready for some football and we dig that about you. Still, the season starts this weekend and you'll have to live with large segments of the population going vegetative for most of Sunday and parts of Saturday. But that's no reason to bury your head in a book in protest or go on a pedantic diatribe. Instead, sign up for some of Miami's extreme sport experiences. Here's a list of five which are way cooler than joining some dorky fantasy football league.

5) Parkour
You've seen them in Nike commercials or maybe you even ran across them running through the streets. They're Parkour practitioners or free runners: guys and girls who jump off things, flip over benches and tables, scale walls in a single bound and do other things which defy gravity. And all with no props except their sneakers and some big time guts. There's a club in Miami that welcomes newbies so check out a class or just run through the streets like the dickens. If you're looking for a road trip check out Red Bulls Art in Motion in Tampa on Saturday.


4) Paddle Boarding

As far as extreme sports go, paddle boarding might seem a bit tame. But essentially gliding on water in an upright position is still pretty damn cool. And it's a great workout as you have to paddle while keeping your body balanced on an oversized surf board--great core workout. Miami's got a burgeoning paddle board scene so there are plenty of places to rent or buy equipment. 

3) Longboard skating

This used to be skateboarding for those of us who couldn't ollie or kick-flip, but these days long boarding has a bit of an edge. Even without any appreciable hills there are races organized by the Miami Longboard Crew. Plus, there's no better way to straddle the line between cool and goofy than cruising around on a longboard. Give it a try.


2) Kite Surfing

Not for those suffering with skinny wallets, kite surfing is becoming increasingly popular on certain Miami beaches, including Crandon and Matheson Hammock. But it can get pricey and you'll definitely need some classes--just to figure out how to snap into a harness and deploy a kite. Also, there are some risks. Earlier this year a kite surfer died after he was bitten by a shark while in the water. And of course there is that idiot that tried the sport right before a tropical storm Fay in 2008 in Fort Lauderdale. It was a tad too windy.

1) Skydiving
Football season might want to make you plunge out of your high-rise window, but quell those suicidal thoughts by going to even greater extremes and jump out of airplane at 13,000 feet. I've never heard anybody whose tried it say they regretted the experience (those that do aren't around to talk about it). Miami's got some different options, check out this one and that one.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.