Miami Scumbag Thomas Kramer Makes Creepy Appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta

Okay, so maybe we're a little tardy for the party on this one but Cultist did a double take when we saw longtime Miami bad boy Thomas Kramer cavorting with no other than Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta earlier this week (we only caught the repeat, the original episode aired on Sunday).

Kramer, Miami's number one sleazebag import, was all over the episode as he hosted all the Hotlanta girls when they visited Miami in the "Floridon't" episode.  We got an inside, and frightening, look at Kramer's tacky digs and even tackier personality. We'll never be the same again.

We're still trying to figure out how Kramer and Zolciak hooked up; she said they were old friends (the rest of the cast thought he was one of her many sugar daddies). They did sleep in the same bed, presumably. Whatever the relationship, there was plenty of icky flirting and innuendo. And Kramer was at his despicable best during the show, smiling the whole way.

Did somebody not mention to Kim and the Housewives producers just what a scumbag this guy is? A simple search of New Times online archives pulls up how he passes the time in between those mega real estate deals. We mean, of course, being accused of sexual assault, punching restaurant owners, and dousing homeless people with wine. Did we mention he was a Deutsch douchebag? Just checking.

The South Pointe developer has been make ugly headlines since the early 1990s, but apparently free room and board is enough to overlook such transgressions for Bravo. And if his sordid history wasn't enough to put them off, you'd think Kramer's taste would do the trick. But it didn't. We saw some things that prove "money can't buy you class" (oh, sorry, that's the Housewives of New York, or so we've been told).

Of particular distaste were the dinosaurs in the garden, pig figurines, butler statues, his embalmed dog, stripper poles on the dining table, and a mural of a horrific half man half goat. Get some glimpses of the Kramer mansion here.

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