Miami Named the Eighth Most Overrated Place in the World

Miami's not perfect. Of course it's not. Is life expensive here? Sure. Does hurricane season suck? Occasionally.

Are these two things enough to warrant being placed at number eight on a list of the world's most overrated places? Hell no.

But somebody better tell that to the Huffington Post, which has placed Miami at number eight on its list of "The 25 Most Overrated Places on Earth." That's harsh, bro.

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HuffPo's petty quibbles don't extend beyond Miami's weather and pricey nightlife:

In America's third-most expensive city, a $20 cover charge is no big deal. But even the most neon-lit of nightclubs won't take your mind off the humidity.

Here at Cultist, we are sick to death of Miami's "tropical weather and nightlife" reputation. We spend all damn day telling you about great local culture, from filmmakers to tech startups and everything in-between. Reducing the city of Miami to a hot place to dance at 4 a.m. is especially insulting this week, as the Miami Book Fair prepares to present a handful of National Book Award winners and finalists, and while the whole city prepares to welcome the world's best artists during Art Basel.

We're certainly not more overrated than Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas (#9) -- talk about your $20 drinks and no culture. Or than the Four Corners Monument (#17), which is literally just a stone slab and a gift shop in the middle of the damn desert.

The list also includes some pretty kick-ass places: London, Dublin, Venice, Milan. Where exactly *do* you want to go, HuffPo?

They did get one thing right, though: Ireland's Blarney Stone. If you bend over backwards to kiss that filthy rock, you're a braver man than I.

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