Lewis Black Talks Big Boobs, Weed, and Masturbatoriums

Lewis Black is a hilarious dude. And not just in his stand-up -- though as you'll see when he hits town for the South Beach Comedy Festival 2012 March 1st, he's hilarious on stage too. But he's also funny (and unexpectedly patient) in one-on-one conversation.

See, when we heard the perpetually frustrated Mr. Black was on his way to our fair city, it sounded like the perfect excuse to get him on the phone and ask him the stupidest questions we could think of.

The result: The guy is not an asshole. He can take a joke.

Read on for his opinion on everything from fake tits to hookers, weed, golden showers, killer cops, politicians, and crackwhores. Hell, we even made him swear in Spanish.

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Jacob Katel
Contact: Jacob Katel