Lesbian mom outs herself on Facebook

Hello, Kitty: After 34 years of being my mom, my lovely mother has become a lady-licking, full-blown lesbian. She and my dad divorced nearly ten years ago, but judging from the parade of guys who followed, I thought she was hetero. She and I aren't close enough to discuss her sex life, but I'm a little hurt that she kept such a big secret. I discovered it on... wait... Facebook. That's right, she's online kissing and hugging other women. I want to ask her about it, but I'm not sure if it's my business. Should I keep quiet or confront her?

Natma Mami




Hey, Natma: You certainly should not "confront" your mother about anything. Unless you want to get smacked, you need to find a tactful way to ask her. Even better, wait for her to tell you. Yes, she has posted pics on the web for all to see — but could you be misinterpreting her hugs and kisses? And really, that doesn't even matter because it's her business until she chooses to share. And, no, being her "friend" on a website doesn't mean she's posting pics with you in mind. Mom is single, tech-savvy, and probably searching for tail online like everyone else.

I understand you're confused and a little hurt, but once we grow up, we must accept that our parents are people with secrets, desires, and lives that we might not (and might not need to) understand. Do yourself a favor and get off Facebook. Spend more face time with your mom — she just might open up to you on her own.

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