John Leguizamo's Dad Calls Him a Colombiano Arrepentido and Other Celeb Pop Call Outs

Having a busted family life is nothing new in Hollywood. Actually, it's almost part of the deal to make it -it's in small print just under the part that says you must pretend to hate paparazzi but secretly crave their attention. But it's good to see now and again that no matter how big some celebrities get, their parents are not going to sit back and watch them act like A-holes without at least chastising them publicly.

Make the jump to see how John Leguizamo's estranged pops gets in his business and call him out on lying about where he's from and other dads who put their kids in their place.

4. John Leguizamo's daddy issues

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If you don't know Spanish, consider yourself lucky. John Leguizamo and his father obviously despise each other, though they're doing there best not to air too much dirty laundry on camera. But it boils down to this, John says he was born in Colombia, but has Puerto Rican, Italian and Lebanese blood in him. His pop says that's bullshit. Dad is 100 percent Colombian and so is John's mother. He also asked John to stop making fun of the family in his comedy routines, to which John says, screw you pops! Oh, and John doesn't see the pair reconciling in this lifetime.

3. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. bobbing and weaving with Senior

You can't help but feel rotten after watching two grown men, a father and son no less, act so silly and with so much vitriol to one another. We'd be even more put off if both were not such assholes. They deserve each other!

2. Ryan O'Neal says his offspring suck

We're pretty sure Ryan O'Neal doesn't deserve parental credit for any of the quotes attributed to him in this Celeb TV news piece, but at least he's right about one thing - he should't have fathered any of them. He calls Tatum O'Neil a bitch and says he hates another one of his sons. About his children, he says, "they're either in jail or should be."

1. Martin Sheen takes down son Charlie

Oh, sorry wrong video:

OK, so he doesn't bad mouth Charlie in real life, he asks for prayer to help his son. But still going up against Tiger Blood Charlie takes guts.

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