How to Land a Bikini Model During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

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There are few things higher on a red-blooded American's male's fantasy list then making time with a swimsuit model. And with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim kicking off today in our little slice of sunshiny paradise, well, some dudes might just get the chance to make their fantasy a reality.

So we know the elusive bikini model species is migrating to South Florida, but where do these bikini-clad beauties gather? And how on earth is a normal dude supposed to engage one in conversation?

At Cultist, we're here to make your dreams come true. So we spoke with Swim Week runway strutter Iryna Storozhuk on where to meet gorgeous girls like her, the best pickup line she's ever heard, and why offering a foot massage will always score you points.

Cultist: Let's start with what every guy wants to know: How can he land a model?
Iryna Storozhuk: It's super easy! Models are hard-working creatures. Our back and feet hurt all the time from wearing high heels, so a model-hunter should showcase his sense of humor and offer a foot massage. Models are just like any other woman in nature -- we want dudes who care.

During Swim Week, where do the models hang out when they're not working? What kinds of things do they get up to in their off time?
Only at the gym! All the gyms are full of models getting prepped to strip down into swimwear and walk the runway.

Any places in Miami that are definite model hot-spots?
Models usually snack at Segafredo on Lincoln Road or on Española Way. And you can find them at Starbucks all over Miami Beach.

Also, some hair salons will do promotions for specific modeling agencies. If you can track those down, they're definite hot-spots.

If a dude wants to approach a model, what's his best strategy? What should he avoid doing/saying?
Definitely a dude needs to start with a simple compliment. Tell her how beautiful she is and offer to buy her a drink or lunch. No sex talk. And don't compare her with other more famous models or celebrities. He should ask questions about her: what are her dreams, plans for the future, etc. All models will be interested in chit chat like that.

What's the best pick up line you've ever heard? Worst?
The best one would be: "I think I know you from somewhere." That always works! The worst one: "You're so sexy, girl!" It's so cheap and cheesy.

Iryna's been modeling in Miami for the last five years. You can find her walking the runways as well as on the cover of magazines like Miami Life, Miami Style, Moda Fashion, Round, Ganza and Bikes & Beauties. She's also been the face of print campaigns for Eva Danielle, Zahara Couture, Petit Pois and Soldemar Beachwear. Visit irynastorozhuk.blogspot.com.

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