Five Reasons to Love Summer in Miami

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For Miami locals, summer seems the least popular of our four two seasons. We bemoan the humidity, the lack of exciting events, and the slow trickle of our tourist-based economy. We bitch about various annoyances and long for the winter to return.

But despite these perceived flaws, we could easily argue that summer in Miami beats summer, winter, fall, or spring almost anywhere else. We've got a lot going for us, even in these off months. Here's what:

1. We can beach it almost any day.


Northeastern beachgoers have to face painfully inconsistent weather

conditions for their measly three months of sun time, we're lucky enough

to count on that tropical sunshine more often than not. Yes, we get our

rainy spells (the last week, for example), but most tropical showers

pass quickly, allowing us to soak up that summer sizzle. (But not too much -- sunburns are for tourists, y'all.)

thisreidwrites Flickr.
No traffic? GASP.
2. A slow tourist influx means more room for us.

Fewer crowds, less traffic, easier parking. What, now that it's easier to get out and do the things you love, you're gonna give up just because it's a little humid outside? Seriously -- this is the time to take advantage and

visit all the places we'd usually find annoying

. South Beach on a Saturday afternoon, anyone?

skooksie Flickr.
Party like it's 1999.
3. Hurricane

season means possible party time.
We only hope for Category Two storms, of

course, but there's always the chance we'll get to hunker down for a hurricane party and miss some work time. It's the closest thing we're ever going to get to a snow day. We can dream, can't we?

4. Free stuff for locals.

Summertime's when businesses can afford to get a little more generous.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

offers free Sundays in August.

Zoo Miami

has $5 admission days. The

Trump International Beach Resort

offers special summer rates for locals. Not to mention

Miami Spice


Miami Spa Month

. We clean up in the off season, y'all.

kthypryn Flickr.
Free for all.
5. Mangoes

and avocados for all.
The tropical fruit crop is so lush locals line

the sidewalks with baskets full of said produce. While Bostonians are

paying $3.50 per mango, we can't eat the stuff fast enough; we're literally giving the stuff away so it doesn't rot on the tree. Even if you're not lucky enough to have a tropical fruit tree in your backyard, you likely know someone who does. If you're buying your mangoes at Publix, you must be hard-up for friends.

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