Eleven Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

Did you guys see that win from the Heat last night?

That was some play, y'all.

Speaking of play, Boston may not be in such a cheery or playful mood this morning, but, obviously, we are. So, let's celebrate our mini victory this weekend and maybe, just maybe, we'll have a teeny tiny extra reason to celebrate for the rest of the week after Saturday night.

Throw a cup of Oxy Clean in the wash and don't forget to starch those whites, people. We've got a White Hot Heat wave to showcase this weekend; no stain, red, brown or green is going to get us down. That said, let's party it up this weekend, in honor of our boys making our city proud no matter what.

Here are the 11 best things to do this weekend which, by the way, will never include shoveling snow.

Avicii: Avicii loves him some amici, so you should probably go visit him tonight.
UFC's Harley-Davidson Hometown Throwdown: Bring oil and an inflatable kiddy pool.
Questlove: Don't take photos and shit - Quest just wants you to dance.
A Bicycle Country: T'was a hard-knock life growing up Cuban.

Christian Finnegan: Hey, it's that kid from Dave Chapelle's "The Mad Real World"!
South Florida EDM Fair: Could be house music on steroids.
SoundClash DJ Battle: Closing Night Party for The Record: From disco to booty music, come celebrate the end of an era.
Second Saturday Artwalk: Bean art and "Nuptial Abyss".
NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 7: White attire required.

Backyard Boogie: There will be no dougie-ing here.
Emeline Michel: Soulful music that personifies the term, "Haitian-American."

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