Chad Ochocinco Appears to Be Enjoying This Week's Miami Festivities

We've long known Cincinatti wide receiver and Miami native Chad Ochocinco has a somewhat colorful personality -- we were sort of tipped off when he legally changed his last name to a bad Spanish translation of his jersey number -- but he seems to be really coming into his own since the NFL came to town for the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl.

Let's run down the Week and a Half of Chad:

He worked at McDonald's.

He beseeached his Pro Bowl coach to let him moonlight as a kicker so he could unveil his kicking alter ego Esteban Ochocinco, the "most interesting footballer in the world."

He posted Twitter photos of himself wearing only briefs.

He did not kick at the Pro Bowl but earned $45,000 for participating in the AFC victory, which he announced would go to a good cause: his on-field shenanigans fund: "Basically, this covers half of my fines for the whole season, so I'm really happy."

Then he showed up at Karma nightclub in South Beach to belt out his new single, "Girl, You Trippin'," which does not have complicated lyrics:

We're guessing he'll be on this Madness Tour for at least another week -- and he's going to get only more Ochocinco-tastic as we get closer to the Super Bowl. And we've been assured by Disco Rick himself that Ochocinco will be at King of Diamonds making it rain at least one of those nights.

Chad, we're putting the offer on the table: New Times would love for you to write a first-person feature story about yourself: 10,000 words, complete with dream sequences.

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