Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Spotted at South Miami Starbucks; Defeat New Times Staffer in Brief Battle of Wits

That's the great thing about Miami. One minute you're taking advantage of free Wi-Fi at Starbucks and the next you get verbally served by Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez.

Diaz and A-Rod walked into the Starbucks in downtown South Miami at around 11 a.m. this morning only to face an amateur paparazzi desperately trying to get his new cell phone camera to snap a picture of the uber-famous couple. They didn't appreciate the gesture. Make the jump to read the verbal jousting that ensued:

"That's so rude," Diaz told yours truly while holding her hand in front

of her face as she walked through the doors and noticed me holding my

camera. A-Rod followed behind.

I countered quickly, with what I thought was a decent retort.

"That's OK. I'm a journalist," I said, thinking I had gotten the upper

hand in the conversation. (I thought about adding, "Plus, I slept at a

Holiday Inn Express last night!" but didn't have the guts).

"Oh. So you're used to being rude!" said the wily Diaz.

My response: crickets.

At this point the couple, whose estimated net worth is gazillion

dollars, was at the counter with A-Rod and Diaz glowering at me and the

hulking baseball player muttering "So rude."

I didn't even remember that we had

recently featured Diaz in an exclusive Cultist interview earlier this summer or I would have mentioned it to try and curry favor.

And here's the kicker. The slow-witted author of this post blew the picture. How bout them mangos! Cameron won by a double TKO.

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