​​Even though artist and designer Barbara Hulanicki calls exhibiting her work in galleries "a new career for me," she's been bringing beauty into the world for years and years. Hulanicki began working as an illustrator for fashion magazines like Vogue and Women's Wear Daily in the swinging 1960s. She then opened one of London's most popular clothing shops of that era, Biba, which was frequented by David Bowie and Marianne Faithfull.  

Barbara Hulanicki: Dresser of Rock Stars Turned Art Basel Star

Although Hulanicki originally came to Miami for a nine-month stay, she's been beaching it now for around two decades. Here, she's been designing some of Miami Beach's most historic hotels. Inspired by Gustav Klimt, the Pre-Raphaelites, and even computer graphics, the designer is going back to her roots as an illustrator for her newest venture. Her sometimes morbid, tongue-in-cheek, feminine illustrations are up at the Calix Gustav Gallery's show "Flash." We spoke with the genial artist about her rich career and, of course, about Mick Jagger.

New Times: You were born in Poland and raised in England. How'd you find yourself designing art deco interiors on Miami Beach? 

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