Bad Girls Club's Erica Lynne on Her Sex Tape and Lea Beaulieu

Meet Bad Girls Club Miami's Erica Lynne. You might remember her from her time on reality TV for a few reasons.

She was one of the only few that lasted the entire season, and she has a

shit ton of tattoos. But she didn't do

much in the Bad Girls Club house except sleeping and having sex with her

boyfriend. Speaking of which, if you wanted to see her do just that, now you

can. She and her boo Adrian have made a sex tape. It debuts at Exxxotica Expo Miami Beach at the end of this


So before she heads back to her old stomping ground, we

talked to Miss Lynne about everything from her time here in Miami, her

new career, and you know we couldn't leave out a few questions about Lea Beaulieu.

New Times: What have you been doing since you left the Bad Girls Club mansion here in Miami?

Erica Lynne: Well, I have been doing a lot of things. Traveling the country doing different appearances. I did a video for World Star Hip Hop that has over a million views that came out in January. I have a sex tape coming out this month with my boyfriend, Adrian, who I met on the show and I'm still with.

You said a sex tape?

Yep. It was bought by Vivid and will be coming out this month.

Yeah, I actually saw that you were a part of Exxxotica and thought to myself, "Is she doing porn now?"

Well, I wouldn't consider myself doing porn or a porn star. I mean, no one thinks of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian as porn stars. They did the same thing, but the difference between me and them is that they put their tape out there and then pretended like, "Oops! It came out." I'm not going to be like that.

How did this all come about?

Some how on Twitter, it had been mentioned that a tape of me, another bad girl and Adrian was out there and once porn companies caught wind of that, there was many offers put on the table. But, there was no amount of money that was going to convince the other bad girl to let us release it, so we already had the other one of just him and I, so that is the one that is coming out.

Who is the anonymous "other bad girl?"

I'm legally bound not to say who it was. She was on my season, though.

I can only assume it was Danielle. Do you two still speak? She seemed like a real hot ass mess.

It's not that she was a hot ass mess, she just threw me under the bus. I wasn't allowed to drive while we were filming and she was the first one to offer to drive me places. And then I'm watching the episodes where she is saying, "I'm getting really sick of being Erica's taxi driver." I was just like, "Are you kidding me?" We don't speak at all.

Back to XXX: I know you're hosting the tattoo contest at Exxxotica this year with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

Yep, we're hosting together. I'm really excited to meet her, contrary to what everyone has to say about her. I don't judge anyone. Whatever she did in her personal life is none of my business. She is a beautiful girl with some beautiful artwork.

What will be your hosting duties?

Well, there is a contest for tattoo artists and also people with tattoos. The person with the best tattoos gets a feature in a magazine. All I know is I'm hosting the contest. I'm really excited about it. I'll also have a booth at the festival.

Now that Bad Girls Club has been done for a while, are you glad you did it?

I really did enjoy my time.  I was grateful for the opportunity for the first time ever for the show to be in Florida and not even Florida, but South Beach in this amazing mansion.  We were the first season to be filmed not in L.A. and I'm really glad they did that. I'm from Orange Country, so it would have felt like I was filming in my backyard.

What about the ladies—do you speak with any of them still?

Um, I'm still cool with Ashley, Brandi, and recently Kristen, who I put whatever happened behind us. I'm not friends with Cat, Christina, or Morgan, which there are obvious reasons for that. A lot of people are surprised I'm not friends with Kayleigh or Lea anymore and the only reason that is because they decided to judge me for becoming friends with Kristen again. The difference between their friendship with her and mine is that they were friends with her during filming—I wasn't friends with her, we were just living together.

During our interview with Kristen Guinane, she had a lot to say about not only you, but all the girls.

She was one of those people who became a new person when the cameras were rolling. When the cameras aren't rolling, she is funny and outgoing.

Well, here is a question for you: out of everyone in the house, whom would you rather not see ever again?

Cat, Christina, and Morgan can go fall off a cliff and never come back to life. Those girls need help. I don't know how Cat got cast on the show. We had to take a psych test before we got on the show and I have no idea how she got on. What everybody saw on the show of why she went home isn't what happened.

Wait, what? She didn't go home because she was "too good for everyone?"

That wasn't the reason! She had to be written off because of things that popped off in Jamaica. I can't say what happened, but let's just say that I couldn't believe that I actually lived with that person. It was nuts.  She wants to claim she is some high paid video model and all this stuff and dates well-known rappers but in all reality, she just messes with the dough boy and sucks him off for a couple grand for a new handbag.

Well, let's get to Miami's favorite or least favorite bad girl, Lea. Everyone says she has changed. Thoughts?

Immediately following Bad Girls Club, she changed. Her own roommate Kayleigh said the same thing about her to me. She got real Hollywood, real quick. Were not friends and she thinks real highly of herself and I don't understand why.

What about her stint on the reunion?

Everybody thought she was on drugs. All I can say about that is that, I think somebody told her or she came up with the idea that she needed to be the loudest person, speak the most and the whole reunion would be centered around her. She thought maybe that was going to be a positive but it just made her look crazy.

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