The Ten Best All-Day Breakfasts in Miami

Churro waffle and berries
Churro waffle and berries
Courtesy of Wynwood Diner

It’s noon, and you just missed the breakfast cut-off time. Fast-forward to 7 p.m., and that hankering for a stack of syrup-drenched pancakes, fried eggs, and crisp bacon is even stronger. So you hop into your car and head straight to the place you know will never fail for all-day breakfast: McDonald’s.

But it’s time to step up your game. Fast-food joints aren’t going to cut it. When your craving for sweet and savory breakfast food strikes way past morning hours — because, let’s face it, cravings can’t tell time — stop by quality restaurants such as Wynwood Diner for some churro waffles and fresh berries or Big Pink for a huge breakfast burrito.

Fulfill your yolky needs and French toast desires at the best all-day breakfast spots in Miami. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Who’s to say when you should have it?

Chocolate-chip pancakes
Chocolate-chip pancakes
Courtesy of Chuck Wagon

10. Chuck Wagon
Denny’s Grand Slam has nothing on Chuck Wagon’s version, featuring two large eggs, a choice of bacon or sausage, potatoes or grits, and toast or biscuits for the glorious price of $6.95. A ton of other timeless breakfast treasures can be found at Kendall’s Western-themed mainstay, including melt-in-your-mouth pancakes and waffles, juicy sausage, country fried steaks, and, in true Miami fashion, cafe con leche. Just be sure to leave the calorie counting at the door.

Salmon Benny
Salmon Benny
Courtesy of Myles Restaurant Group

9. Big Pink
Big Pink is famous for big portions at budget-friendly prices, but it also boasts an encyclopedic list of scrumptious American classics. So round up the family — there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Grab a breakfast parfait ($7.25) after sunrise yoga on the beach, or cut into Big Pink pancakes ($9.95) larger than your head after an evening of dancing and drinking. Aside from breakfast that’s offered anytime, this rose-hued diner also serves burgers, fresh salads, savory sandwiches, hearty wraps, pizzas, and pastas. You name it, Big Pink has it. And, of course, there’s an equally impressive drink menu to match.

Churro waffle and berries
Churro waffle and berries
Courtesy of Wynwood Diner

8. Wynwood Diner
Serving breakfast all day, every day means the guys at Wynwood Diner have had the chance to perfect their craft. And they’ve done just that, showcased in sweet and savory creations backed by an eclectic setting where industrial meets rustic charm. If you have more of a sweet tooth, try the churro waffles ($12), topped with fresh berries and Chantilly cream, while the Fat Boy burger ($15), with bacon, egg, Gruyère cheese, and pink sauce, caters to the crowd craving a savory breakfast-infused lunch. No matter what time you go, milkshakes are always a good idea, especially if they’re the boozy kind. Grab the Anchor ($12), made with Sailor Jerry rum, pineapple, banana, and coffee.

The Ten Best All-Day Breakfasts in Miami (3)
Photo by Rubén Rosario

7. Jimmy’s Eastside Diner 
No breakfast list — specifically an all-day-breakfast list — would be complete without the mention of Biscayne Boulevard staple Jimmy’s Eastside Diner. As the sign outside suggests, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Eatery” has been keeping families and clubgoers coming back for more since its opening decades ago. The packed house is evidence that this greasy spoon isn’t slowing down anytime soon. At 6:30 a.m., guests begin to pile in to enjoy a myriad of breakfast favorites, including seemingly endless egg selections such as omelets and frittatas, served with your choice of home fries, hash browns, or country grits and toast. And the best part: These tasty meals come cheap. 

Tavern BenedictEXPAND
Tavern Benedict
Courtesy of Deli Lane

6. Deli Lane
Get a healthful breakfast and brunch at this South Miami mainstay, which recently celebrated 28 years in business. For the past decade, Deli Lane has offered all-day breakfast to loyal regulars and curious newcomers, who can attest to the eatery's simple but flawlessly executed, affordable fare. Bite into the Tavern Benedict ($14.95) and let the homemade whisked hollandaise sauce and pillowy-soft poached egg run onto a toasted croissant stacked with fresh spinach leaves and Norwegian smoked salmon and flanked by home-fried Red Bliss potatoes.

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