Ultra Music Festival Pays $400,000 to Man Beaten by Off-Duty Miami Cops in 2011

It has been an interesting few months for Ultra. In late March, the mega music festival once again drew nearly 200,000 people to Bayfront Park, making untold millions of dollars, and firmly establishing itself as America's premier EDM event.

But a concertgoer's death and a stampede that nearly killed a security guard have also led politicians to demand Ultra be kicked out of downtown Miami.

Now comes news that Ultra's insurance company paid $400,000 in January to a man who was beaten up by the festival's off-duty cops three years ago.

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The settlement -- first reported by Al Crespo -- stems from an incident in 2011. That's when Jesse Campodonico and his girlfriend, Crystal Iglesias, flew down from New York to attend Ultra.

They never made it in. Instead, an Ultra security guard stopped the pair because Iglesias had a glowstick in her hand. When Campodonico complained, off-duty Miami cops allegedly attacked him.

In a lawsuit filed last year, Campodonico claimed the cops beat him, choked him, and threw him to the ground, where they then shot him with a Taser three times.

Campodonico was initially charged with battery, but those charges were eventually dropped.

"There was nothing I could do but try to survive," Campodonico, told the Miami Herald. "I was trying to cover myself. There was no fighting back. It was just me trying to protect myself from them killing me."

The cops accused of attacking him, meanwhile, have all been involved in other controversies. Two of them are now in prison: Nathaniel Dauphin and Harold James were convicted of providing police protection for an illegal gambling ring.

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