Tenants Report High-Rise Jumper at Park Place by the Bay

A young person jumped from the 21st floor of Park Place by the Bay at 10 p.m. last night, according to witnesses. Cops and paramedics temporarily blocked off the yellow apartment building, located at 915 NW 1st Avenue.

The jumper landed in a cement walkway, not far from the pool. As city of Miami police investigated, officers covered the body with what looked like a blue blanket.

"It shook me to the core," says one resident, a hip hop artist who goes by the name Black Bobby. He saw the body and "kept thinking, is it someone I know?"

A police report was not immediately available.

The jumper is one of dozens in Miami who have thrown themselves from high-rises -- mostly condominium towers -- in the past three years. Media has an awkward relationship with the subject of suicide, so the incidents almost never get reported. For a more in-depth look at the problem, read New Times feature "Legends of the Fall."


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