Do all the New York hipsters and Miami club kids know where mash-up -- mixing up records from disparate genres -- really came from? It's something hip-hop and disco DJs have been doing for ages, and their modern counterpart is expert party-rockin' DJs such as Z-Trip. Raised in Phoenix and currently residing in Los Angeles, Z-Trip is a revered figure on the Left Coast, capable of mixing together jungle, OutKast's "So Fresh So Clean," and the Who's "Baba O'Riley" in a matter of minutes. The rest of the nation will get to learn about him when his long-awaited debut album, Shifting Gears, hits stores through Disney subsidiary Hollywood Records on April 26.

1. Z-Trip featuring Soup of Jurassic 5, "Listen to the DJ" (Hollywood)

2. MF Doom, "Deep Fried Friends" (Rhymesayers)

3. Gorillaz, "Dirty Harry" (Virgin)

4. Tower of Power, "What Is Hip? (T.O.P.R.M.X)" (Warner Bros.)

5. The Prodigy, "Memphis" (Maverick/XL)

6. DJ Format, "Rap Machine" (Genuine)

7. Grip Grand, "Poppin' Pockets" (Bomb)

8. Pete Rock featuring Dead Prez, "Warzone" (BBE)

9. De La Soul, "Verbal Clap" (Sanctuary)

10. Clutch, "Blast Tyrant" (DRT)


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