Tupac's Temper: Five Greatest Freakouts, From MTV to Jail Time

Tupac may be dead, but his temper lives on forever.

After Allen and Albert Hughes fired Pac in 1993 from their seminal film, Menace II Society, Shakur spearheaded a physical attack on Allen.

A few years ago, the brothers opened up to Complex magazine about the infamous altercation.

"Tupac hit him from behind," Albert said. "Allen turned around and threw him on top of the car ... Tupac was like, 'Go get my chain!' and he let everybody else go at my brother. Allen got beat up by like 15 guys but he stayed on his feet."

On this day in 1994, Pac began a 15-day jail sentence for his role in the attack. And to commemorate, we've gathered some of our favorite Tupac freakouts. Check 'em out after the cut.

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Tupac's Incriminating Appearance on YO! MTV Raps

Shortly after shooting a scene for Menace II Society, Tupac hit the MTV studios for an appearance on the network's Yo! MTV Raps. Unprovoked, Pac started boasting, "I beat up the director of Menace II Society."

Unfortunately for Shakur, his words were used against him in a court of law about a year later and Pac was charged with assault. Needless to say, he was also fired from the film.

Tupac Demands Royalties from a Street Vendor

Tupac shat all over one man's entrepreneurial spirit when he shook down a New York City street vendor who was selling illegal copies of Pac's tapes.

In a threatening tone, Tupac said, "If I see my tape again, I swear I'm dropping your shit to the concrete ... I'm not playing, I'm going to watch a movie. When I finish, I coming back. If my shit's still out here, I'm dropping you."

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