Set List: Danny Howells

Most years it's New York DJ Danny Tenaglia who performs marathon DJ sets at WMC. But this time around it's going to be another Danny — Howells, from Hastings, England — who will rock the party for the long haul when he plays a nine-hour set at Pawn Shop Lounge. (Usually, it's only the chemically altered that can exude that kind of stamina, at least on the dance floor.) First garnering acclaim for his DJ sets alongside John Digweed at the club night Bedrock, Howells is now a big-league DJ who has made compilations and mixes for some of the most notable series, including Global Underground's GU and, most recently, Azuli's Choice: A Collection of Classics. His epic performance promises a unique journey of old and new sounds cutting across the genre barriers of house, trance, techno, and beyond.

1. Trentemoller, African People (Namrec3)
2. Amox & ATL, A Witchs Kiss (Tic Tac Toe)
3. Tony Allen, Ole (Wareika)
4. Lazy Fat People, Club Silencio (Planet E)
5. DJ Jus-Ed, Man Aint Shit on the Other Side (Underground Quality)
6. Tracey Thorn, Its All True (Buttrich Mix) (Virgin)
7. Tiger Stripes, Kayoko (Progcity Deep)
8. Anthony Nicholson, Twisted Energy (Nitegrooves)
9. Zander VT, Then & Before (Memo)
10. Wink, Swirl (Ovum)


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