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So you wanna be a writer? Ready to endure editorial heartbreak, stomach agony, and a head full of constipated ideas? To quote Ishmael Reed, “writing is fighting.” It’s about expressing yourself under tremendous internal pressure, and enduring the slings and arrows of critics. If you feel the particular throb in your heart that compels you to put pen to paper (or cursor to computer), then sign up for the Writers Institute of the Florida Center for the Literary Arts. Attendees are in for four days of intense creative writing workshops focusing on fiction, nonfiction, poetry, travel writing, and the unending art of revision. The roster of visiting writers is impressive to those who are familiar with quality lit. Colin Channer is teaching an introduction to writing fiction, and Ridley Pearson will helm “The Mystery of the Novel: Putting the Thrill into Thrillers.” Besides the workshops, there will also be agent manuscript consultations, lectures, special workshops for teens, and a “Pitch-o-Rama,” which affords the everyman a chance to have his idea either lauded or shot down in public. Registration closes on March 23. Daily lectures cost $35, and workshops range from $175 to $450.
Wed., March 28


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