The Ultimate Hurricane Party: Your Guide to Staying Drunk and Happy This Storm Season

Hurricane season is officially upon us. And just because we've lucked out every year since '05 doesn't mean we'll escape 2012 unscathed. In fact, Mother Nature is probably jonesing to hit us with a little corporal punishment.

As a South Floridian, you've no doubt been inundated with how-tos on storm preparedness -- so we won't re-hash those details. You know how to stay alive by now. Instead, we're here to advocate preparedness for another, equally important tempest task: the hurricane party.

The stated purpose of this (mostly) Southern tradition is in large part to consume all perishable goods. But that's not the real reason people come together in scary storms. Is there any better reason to party than the prospect of impending doom? Frankly, there's no better time to booze it up and bond with friends than during a disaster when no one has to work and the Internet is down.

Remember: If the city says evacuate, screw the party and head for the hills. Otherwise, read on for your how-tos when it comes to carrying out the ultimate hurricane bash.

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