Just like Daddy

It’s another lazy Sunday and a wild-haired munchkin and his equally wolfy pops are strolling down Biscayne Boulevard hand-in-hand, searching for Cutz Barbershop. They’ve waited all week for Father and Son Sunday, and judging by the overgrowth of hair framing their faces, we don’t blame them. The pair reaches the shop (5050 Biscayne Blvd., Miami) and Scruff Sr. opens the door to reveal an upscale enclave of hair-cuttery with a traditional barbershop feel -- wood floors, chic leather furniture, and more razors and clippers than they can count. Lil’ Wolverine gasps in delight, taking in the sights and sounds -- the hum of the TV set, the black-and-white images of music and sports icons lining the walls, and of course, the murmur of grown-up conversation floating through the air.

As the shaggy twosome takes a seat in the waiting area, Scruff Jr. peeks at his dad’s fuzzy mug in wide-eyed amazement, wondering when he’ll finally be able to sprout hair from his face like his idol. Thirty minutes later, they’re both so fresh and so clean. See more tender moments like this each and every day at the spot that even Heat players entrust with their SportsCenter-worthy haircuts. All sons who come in with their fathers on Sundays will pay half price for their $10 cuts. The shop is open today from 10 to 5:30. Call 305-762-6663, or visit www.cutzbarbershop.com.
Starts: Feb. 17. Daily, 2008


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