Hard-Core Exhibitionists

Named for a lyrical snippet from the coked-up disco track "Candy Shop" off Madonna's 2008 album, Hard Candy, the new group show "Sticky & Sweet" at Calix Gustav Gallery toys with sex, taboo, and kink.

Local artist Eurydice tacks embroidered porn and foreign film collage to the walls. Diane Arrieta does the same with her Photoshop sketches of sad transvestites. Photographer Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte shoots gay sex in public parks. And Carl Pascuzzi presents paparazzi op art. There's even a Madonna cake with a slice cut from between her legs, courtesy of Jonathan Stein.

But the show's most transgressive piece is an installation titled Cum Rag by Spunk and the Orange Kittens. Gallery director Amanda Fernandez-Leon explains, "It's quite conceptual. They literally have male prostitutes use cum rags, and they pay them with Burger King. When you start looking at these rags, there's hair, blood, and semen. One of them has half a condom in it."
Tuesdays-Saturdays, noon. Starts: April 24. Continues through May 29, 2010


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