Drag On

In the Nineties heyday, no respectable South Beach club was without its queens — statuesque bombshells taking on bouncer duties at the door, bumping and grinding on the dance floor, posing for photographs, or generally showing up and being showered with drink tickets just for being so effing fabulous. The scene has lost much of its luster, but thankfully some nightspots still recognize the instant allure a colorful collective of queens can bring. Few parties celebrate Miami drag royalty quite like Click Sunday at Aero Bar. The formula is simple: Take a handful of Miami’s HBICs — Elaine Lancaster, Adora, Chyna Girl, and Misty Eyes, for example — add a handful of celebrity DJs and a smattering of quirky local celebrities (Mickey Rourke, anyone?) and there you have it. The brainchild of Omar Gonzalez and Dustin Reffca has switched venues more times than a showgirl changes wigs. Still, Click keeps on packing in crowds of gay, straight, and whatever-we’re-here-to-party people, Sunday after Sunday. Maybe it’s time you found out why.
Sundays, 10 p.m., 2008


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