Zuma Launches A Lunch Deal, Now Open For Business All The Livelong Day

For downtowners in search of a lunch deal, Zuma has just launched a prix-fixe menu in addition to their current á la carte offerings. The "business lunch option" will run you $24, and includes two starters and a choice of one entree from a selection of three regular items.

You'll start with Zuma's soup and salad -- white miso soup and mixed greens with a barley miso dressing. Then go simple with a selection of sashimi, or decide on kitchen mains such as branzino with pickled fennel and their Japanese rice hot pot with wild mushrooms (which arrives steamy and fragrant every time we've had it). Available Monday through Saturday from noon until 3 p.m., they will also set up a private room for up to 26 people. Just in case your boss wants to spring for a weekly meeting that truly gets you over hump day.

Also making news at Zuma is that they are officially open for business all day long.

Previously, the restaurant closed down to patrons between lunch and

dinner service, but now, you can sit river-side on the terrace and drink

those powerful Mai Tais whenever the mood for a pretty, expensive

cocktail just can't be ignored. The bar and lounge will be serving

"snacks" off the menu from 3 to 6 p.m., such as prawn and black cod dumplings (salty baccalo-ish

bliss) and the crispy menu must-haves: rock shrimp, fried calamari, and

spicy tofu.

If only it didn't cost as much to park there, as it does to eat there...sigh.

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