Zeke's Reincarnated: Lincoln Road's Rio Station

See also "Employees Say Zeke's Roadhouse Closing for Good."

In what might be the quickest transition since Superman's wardrobe change in the phone booth, Zeke's Roadhouse has been replaced.

Rio Station is a family-owned, five-branch food-and-drink biz that swooped in to occupy the old Zeke's spot on Lincoln Road. Established as a juice bar in Sunrise in 2007, the restaurant has since opened additional locations and expanded into the food/booze market.

Like Zeke's, Rio Station offers "200 Beers of the World" at $4.

Unlike Zeke's, it serves food, and quite an extensive variety -- everything from smoothies and French toast to lobster bisque and calamari salad. While not the most unique menu, it's certainly broad.

Though the place looks like Zeke's, acts like Zeke's, and prices itself like Zeke's, it's not Zeke's. The vibe at Rio Station is noticeably different. Zeke's was a beer bar and not much else; Rio Station is a café/smoothie stand/breakfast joint/beer bar.

The new occupants are still toying with the hours, so stay tuned. The full menu is pictured below.

While the "KISS" (keep it simple stupid) concept (i.e., do one thing and do it well) may generally be best when it comes to the restaurant biz, Rio Station could be a pleasant addition to Lincoln Road. Smoothies are nice in the sweltering heat. Breakfast is served all day. And the beers are still $4.

So despite our still-fresh wounds from the death of Zeke's, let's try to look at the bright side.

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