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Yard House in Village of Merrick Park Employs 234, Single-Handedly Puts Gables to Work

"When comparing Yard House with all of the more than 7,500 entities with active business licenses in Coral Gables, Yard House has the 14th largest employee count," says Jessica Wotherspoon, business development specialist for the City of Coral Gables. "When comparing Yard House within the restaurant category alone, it ranks as the largest."

What in the world are all these people doing?  Manager Eric Orge, who spent three months of intensive training at the Irvine, CA branch of this sportspub chain to learn how to handle the madness breaks it down for us in restaurant-speak.

On a typical Friday dinner service there's 25 servers, 8 bartenders, 4 bar backs (bussers behind the bar,) 6 bussers, 6 "expos" (food runners,) 30 cooks (that's for 6 cooking stations,) 5 dishwashers, 4 prep cooks (who come in to prep in the afternoon,) 8 hostesses and 5 managers on the floor...  Do the math and that's give or take 100 staff per 500 guests on a busy night, turning tables 5-6 times if there's no game on. 

For those of you eager to jump into the fray, Orge says that while he can't comment on specific job openings, they are always accepting applications.  Or you could do the economically responsible thing, and let them service you. 

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