Wolfgang Puck's Menu for the Oscars

You may not be able to attend the 82nd annual Academy Awards on Sunday, but, at the very least, you can sup like the stars. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck has released his tantalizing menu for the Governor's Ball, where the likes of Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep and George Clooney will dine after the awards have all been presented.

Puck, who has some of the hottest restaurants on the West Coast, has been catering the Governor's Ball for 15 years. For 2010's glitzy repast, the Austrian toque has pulled out all of his culinary tricks. The mainly Asian starters include sushi, sustainable shellfish platters, mini Kobe cheeseburgers, vegetable spring rolls, tempura shrimp, wasabi pea-crusted crab cakes and toro with crispy rice. If that's not enough to keep Jennifer Aniston fed for weeks, there's also a smoked salmon course (in the shape of Academy Award statues), followed by an organic chicken potpie with shaved black truffles. Dessert is baked Alaska, but we'd be surprised to see any starlets shoving down this caloric treat.

Puck created this menu with his catering partner, chef Matt

Bencivenga. For the fete, they will be feeding 1,500 guests with a staff of 900.

Revelers will consume 1,200 bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne, 1,200

pounds of organic chicken, 1,000 pounds of wild salmon, 1,200 kumamoto oysters,

200 pounds of sticky rice, 25 gallons of cocktail sauce, 350 pounds of Yukon Gold

potatoes, 100 quarts of milk and 120 pounds of organic sugar. We're going into a

food coma just thinking about it.

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