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Vintro Kitchen: Fresh Flavors Inspired by Ingredients

Park Avenue may carry big-time clout in other cities, but in Miami Beach, it is a virtually unknown street. It is behind a museum and a street where you might score some parking. That is, until now. A few months ago, a charming boutique hotel, Vintro Hotel & Kitchen, opened with a restaurant that really awakens the palate and neighborhood.

The fresh flavors hail from Greek-born chef and restaurateur Giorgios Nikolas Bakatsias, who teamed up with Eataly alum Keith Suarino as the executive chef. Expect fresh flavors of the Mediterranean and Old World cooking methods. The tagline is "inspired by the ingredients" and this kind of style is a welcome addition to the over-complicated cuisine of South Beach.

The hanging buckets of fresh ingredients set the tone for a fresh and healthful meal. The narrow restaurant is charming and rustic. The meal begins with warm bread and a house-marinated bowl of olives. From there, we recommend the Greek seasonal vegetables ($12) with feta slices and a lemon yogurt.

Another tasty treat is the side of fire-roasted Brussels sprouts ($7) with almonds and bee's wax honey. It can seem a bit too sweet at first, but pair it with a roasted chicken and it is perfection.

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