Vegan Eating at Whole Foods Downtown Miami (Photos)

The Whole Foods Market in downtown Miami is a gleaming mecca of healthy eats and well-heeled patrons. From the shiny new floors to the pristine sneeze guards, the store is in the bloom of its youth, and everyone who's anyone is flocking for their daily fix.

For vegans and plant-strong patrons, there is a wealth of options in the prepared foods section. Heck, if you live close by, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there. (Of course, then it really would be Whole Paycheck.)

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Keep in mind, prepared foods offerings change on the daily, so the assortment won't always be identical to what you see below. They'll always have plenty of options, however.

In addition to standard salad selections (all the leafy greens and veggies you could ask for), the cold bar has several kinds of marinated tofu, plus a few different plant-based quinoa, bulgar and chickpea creations, garbanzo cakes, orange beets and more.

In the refrigerator case, Baba Ghanoush, tabouli and hummus from Aramouni's.

No vegan cheese or mayo (yet!), but the sandwich station does offer Beyond Meat as a filling option, plus vegan-safe spreads like Italian Vinaigrette and Dijon Mustard.

Alongside the meat case are tofu, portobello mushroom burgers, roasted Brussels sprouts (to die for!) and several other veggie and grain selections.

Oh, and twice-baked sweet potatoes.

They've also offer vats full of hot grains to go with your meal, including quinoa.

Even the soup station has vegan selections. On this particular day, I spotted three bean chili, chipotle sweet potato soup and lentil and vegetable.

If you're in the mood for Asian eats, Sushi Maki has fresh, rainbow-hued, vegetable summer rolls, wakame salad and edamame.

The coffee bar is chock full of better-than-Starbucks selections, and they don't charge anything extra for alternative milks.

Blueberry muffins are a breakfast (or lunch or dinner) option.

As far as healthy desserts are concerned, there are peanut butter rebuild raw bars and spiced ginger detox raw bars.

Not so healthy desserts? Cookies. Peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip.

Chocolate cake and raw cinnamon rolls.

And, drumroll please, donuts. These were available in the coffee bar and cafe at the front of the store. A rare find, indeed.

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