Construction has forced Umami Burger to close.
Construction has forced Umami Burger to close.
Photo by Zachary Fagenson

Umami Burger: Another Business Closes Due to Alton Road Construction

The South Beach outpost of L.A.'s Umami Burger closed over the weekend. A restaurant spokeswoman cited that dusty Alton Road construction made it impossible to continue operating.

"We are thankful for our Umami fans in Miami, and we look forward to announcing a new location soon," Umami's Veronica Rathbourn wrote in an email.

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The closure marks the second high-end burger joint -- the first being 8oz Burger -- to shut down at the once-prime Alton Road location.

Months of road construction -- which has squeezed what was once one of the Beach's main thoroughfares into a bumpy, one-way street -- has caused concern among business owners and is slated to continue for at least another year and a half.

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The City of Miami Beach has launched a free Alton Road shuttle and erected blue signs alerting drivers to the businesses standing beyond the chopped-up concrete barrier. Yet Bernie's L.A. Café on 15th Street and Alton shuttered last summer, while a handful of others try to slog through the dust and ripped-up sidewalks.

On Tuesday, the sidewalk outside what was Umami Burger was nothing more than a patch of sand and gravel. Twelfth Street, where motorists often turn to begin the always-desperate search for parking, was closed to traffic.

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