Tortuga's Rum Cakes Can't Get You Drunk, But They Do Pack A Punch

Recently, a friend delivered a six-pack of 4oz. Tortuga

rum cakes ($66.95 for 2-six packs shipped to the U.S.) from Nassau, Bahamas. They came in an ornate, hexagon-shaped box vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness. I first smelled rum and then tasted it, Seemed almost as if it had been dunked in a shot glass.

The cake came in flavors

including original golden (with walnuts), coconut, banana, key lime,

pineapple, and chocolate (the least dizzying and most satisfying). It was as a cake can be and not obnoxiously sweet.

Founded in 1984, Tortuga, which uses its own brand of gold rum in the cakes, uses "generous

portions," according to Angie Niehoff, company publicist.

"Since it is a family secret recipe, that is as much information as

I have. The alcohol content is one-half of one percent; so

appropriate for all ages and cultures." Whatever the amount, it

certainly seems like a lot.

Serving suggestions include: mix

strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries; drizzle chocolate sauce

on a slice of original golden; drizzle raspberry sauce on the

chocolate rum cake; spread cream cheese icing on cinnamon raisin rum

cake; heat a slice - just 3 seconds in the microwave -- and top

with ice cream; cut cake into spears or 1.5 inch cubes to dip in

chocolate fondue; mix tropical fruits -- mango, papaya, banana, and

pineapple -- cut in half inch pieces, add splash of rum, spoon on

slices of pineapple or coconut rum cake, sprinkle toasted coconut on

each serving.

Baked daily in the Caribbean, the cakes are available in 16oz. and 33oz. sizes ($17-$32 suggested retail). They are sold in gift and specialty food departments and at gourmet stores

throughout the United States and Caribbean, by mail order at

800-444-0625, and on line at www.tortugarums.com.

The company's Miami distribution center, located near Tamiami

Airport, is open to the public and offers warehouse prices.

Tortuga Rum Co. Ltd., P.O. Box 2307 GT,

Grand Cayman, B.W.I.

Tortuga Rum Cake Company
14202 SW 142nd Ave., Miami Florida

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