SOBEWFF 2018: The Ten Celebrities to Follow on Instagram
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SOBEWFF 2018: The Ten Celebrities to Follow on Instagram

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is underway, and hundreds of chefs are flying in from around the world to cook at the fest's various dinners and parties. Of course, it's not all work for these talented toques: They also storm the restaurants and bars of our fair city in what's referred to as "spring break for chefs."

The most exciting part of this weekend is cozying up to a South Beach watering hole and spotting Anne Burrell sitting at the bar or Alex Guarnaschelli dining on stone crabs.

The way to get the inside track on where the chefs are celebrating is by following them on social media. After all, they're are just like us: They take pictures of their food, share selfies, and talk current events. The best part? They interact with fans, so be sure to reach out and share your favorite local spot for croquetas or cocktails.

Here are the ten best chef Instagram and Twitter feeds to follow. And be sure to follow @NewTimesFood to see what we're eating and drinking at @SOBEWFF.

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1. Action Bronson (@bambambaklava). Tattoos! Food! Puppies! Music! The host of Fuck, That's Delicious delivers on all of that and more in an entertaining multimedia feed. From offering the world's smallest chicken parm to playing an impromptu game of dodgeball, this is one "action"-packed Instagram.

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2. Alton Brown (@altonbrown). Alton Brown is just like you. For the past few days, the celebrity chef who whips knowledge and cookery into one soufflé of goodness has Instagrammed about cats, sushi, and traffic on Florida roadways. Expect to find a lot of Miami Beach high jinks on his feed.

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3. Andrew Zimmern (@chefaz). Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern is best known for his adventurous eating habits, but don't expect to see only wildebeest on the menu. His Twitter feed is filled with political insight, news, and even tips on how to get your kids to eat broccoli. There's also a robust dose of all-American food porn.

4. Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari). This reality star and lifestyle guru offers a beautiful view of her world that includes fashion, flowers, and plenty of food.

5. Alex Guarnaschelli (@Guarnaschelli). If you like your food porn mixed with a dash of positive reinforcement and the best food memes evah — this Chopped judge's Instagram feed is right for you. Alex Guarnaschelli takes you on the Chopped set for an intimate look at her and fellow judges Scott Conant, Geoffrey Zakarian, and others and shares some of her most delicious dishes. Bonus: She loves responding to notes, so hit her up for some culinary advice.

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6. Geoffrey Zakarian (@gzchef). The dapper Chopped judge and owner of Point Royal at the Diplomat in Hollywood offers behind-the-scenes shots of his Food Network shows, served with a side of food porn. This weekend, the chef will also take over the Today show's Instagram feed, so follow @todayfood for a double helping of Zakarian style.

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7. Guy Fieri (@GuyFieri). When Guy Fieri heads to the Magic City, it automatically transforms into that mythical place called Flavortown. Fieri, who will host SOBEWFF's inaugural Food Fight, is good friends with several Miami chefs, including Sakaya Kitchen's Richard Hales and Latin House Grill's Michell Sanchez, so it's a safe bet he'll take time to visit a few local haunts. Find out where he's eating locally on his Twitter feed.

8. Lee Schrager (@LeeSchrager). If you want an insider's view of what goes into the making of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (plus front-row seats to every event), follow SOBEWFF founder Lee Brian Schrager. The festival maven seems to teleport himself seamlessly from event to event, making his way from Burger Bash to Best of the Best and beyond. Live vicariously through him as he kibbutzes with celebrity chefs, takes the stage, and has a generally more fabulous life than most other people who occupy this planet.

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9. David Grumman (@DaveGrutman). If space aliens followed David Grutman's Instagram feed, they'd think Earth was filled with glitter balls, music, pleasure boats, and cafés. Grutman's subjects range from partying at LIV to family life.

10. Giada De Laurentiis (@giadadelaurentiis). Follow Giada De Laurentiis as she seamlessly glides from the red carpet to the kitchen to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in her Instagram feed that offers celebrity sightings (oh, hey, @gwenstefani), cute puppies and children, and culinary tips all in one.

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