The Scoop: Angelique Euro Café in Coral Gables

The Scoop: Angelique Euro Café in Coral Gables

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No question, Europeans know how to live. Late nights, later mornings. Long lunches, longer vacations. Good wine, good food; relax and enjoy life. Let someone else put his buried-up-the-boss's-ass nose to the grindstone.

But if you can remove your proboscis from el jefe's anal cavity long enough for a little taste of the European lifestyle, the new Angelique Euro Café in Coral Gables is just the place for you. The café is the creation of Yolanda and Carlos Rossi, who made it a melting pot of their combined South Florida, Cuban, Puerto Rican, French, and Spanish heritage.

That covers a lot of ground, as does the extensive breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, not to mention 40 wines by the glass in six- and three-ounce pours, more than 50 imported/craft beers, and even a coffee and tea bar.

Breakfast sounds particularly appealing, with eye openers such as Catalan-style omelets with shrimp and tarragon, and Belgian waffles with

house-made quince butter and anise syrup. On the other hand, lunch

doesn't sound too bad either, especially the grilled Spanish sausage

with figs and beer-battered and fried Atlantic cod with green onion

alioli. Then there's dinner, with a roster of tapas as long as a

hose, five preparations of mussels, and unhealthful but

irresistible cocido español, Spanish morcilla and cantimpalo chorizo

with fried pork belly over white bean stew.

So it's bad for you. What the hell. Take a moment and live like a European.

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