The Canni-Bus: New Food Truck Features Marijuana-Themed Munchies

​When you think about it, food trucks serve amazing stoner food -- tacos, burgers, cupcakes -- everything a college kid with a bong and a bank account could possibly want out of life. The next step would be to actually serve, well, pot out of a food truck.

Enter the Canni-Bus. Founders Jack Torrance and Alan Pangborn met at CIA Greystone, where, as Torrance says they "don't remember a thing except getting thrown out."

During this time, the guys pretty much hung out with the "Medical Maryjane Gang," as the medical marijuana crowd in Northern California liked to call itself. In exchange for pot, the guys would cook elaborate dinners, known as "stoner buffets." The buffets consisted of favorite stoner food, including "mac daddy 'n' cheese," "the Leaning Stoner of Pizza," "cu-cu-cu-cupcakes," and "OMG omelets." 

The buffets became the hottest underground weekly events, until San Francisco Drug Enforcement arrested Torrance for possession of an illegal substance in a baked good. He was sentenced to six months, and when he got out, Pangborn was there to pick him up.

Wanting a fresh start, the friends decided to try their luck in Miami. "It's the perfect place for us. Sun, fun, and a total lack of moral judgment," Pangborn says when asked what he likes about the Magic City.

The friends pooled some poker winnings and bought a used food truck, originally called the Deep-Fried Turkey Mobile, after the owner burned his eyebrows off when a fryer exploded on I-95. They're about to roll this weekend, debuting at Street Food Fridays. The menu features a blend of "stoner food" such as their famous mac daddy 'n' cheese, plus salvia brownies and cookies.

Pangborn and Torrance also plan to serve "special brownies" that require a secret "password" to purchase. No word yet what's inside these "special brownies"; we can only guess it's not cocoa. The password for Miami New Times readers is panda bear.

We wish the Canni-Bus well and look forward to seeing it on the street this weekend!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.