Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
Gourmet Butcher Block

Thanksgiving Turducken: Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Sausage, and Pig With Alligator Sauce Picon

​For Thanksgiving, try this meat-tastic dish. The fowl de cochon is one massive meal made from a small pig stuffed with a turkey that's stuffed with a duck that's stuffed with a chicken! And between each animal layer are tons of sausage. Is that enough meat for ya? We thought it would be.

Short Order spoke with HealthyState.org reporter Sammy Mack, who has ordered this meat behemoth from the Louisiana-based Gourmet Butcher Block on several occasions -- and no, she wasn't eating it alone.

"This is an epically decadent meal that takes ten to 12 hours to cook. The thing weighs about 40 to 50 pounds, and since it's too big to fit in a standard-size oven, my friends and I had to build an outdoor oven, using an oil barrel smoker," Mack says. "It can easily feed over 50 people."

"Nectar of the Gods" says Sammy Mack
"Nectar of the Gods" says Sammy Mack

So how much will a fowl de cochon cost you? A measly $229, which is a downright steal when you think of how many animals are combined.

Leah Mistich, owner of Gourmet Butcher Block, says that "since the birds are placed toward the center of the pig, it leaves two cavities open that you can fill with your choice of two dressings: sausage, cornbread, dirty rice, shrimp, broccoli and cheese, potato, oyster bread dressing, and alligator sauce picon."

Mistich goes on to say, "We get ten times as many sales around Thanksgiving when it comes to fowl de cochon and our turducken. And we do ship all over the States. It's a 60-pound package and will run you anywhere from $400 to $500, with two-day air."

And if you guys are still hungry for more, Gourmet Butcher Block's turducken costs about $180. Prime your gullets, everyone -- Thanksgiving is now fowl de cochon season!

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