Sex And The City 2 Party with Cupcakes and Camels

Last night, well-heeled socialites and Sarah Jessica Parker wannabes gathered on the top of the new parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road for the Sex And The City 2 premiere party. Before the screening, the couture-clad crowd (ninety percent women) was treated to an Arabian-themed soiree replete with belly dancers, hookah pipes and a live camel. Short Order felt sorry for the camel, who was used as a backdrop for the ladies in Louboutins. You know he (we're assuming it was a he) was thinking, WTF!

Passed hors d'oeuvres included dates stuffed with cheese and tomatoes and mozzarella skewered with an eyedropper filled with olive oil. Of course, it would not be Sex And The City without some cupcakes, too. These mini confections were provided by Misha's Cupcakes, with Nespresso to wash it all down. Surprisingly, the event was booze-free. There was nary a Cosmo to be found.

There were, however, shoes and clothes from the movie on display (courtesy of Neiman Marcus). And the DJ was set up in the back of a pimped-out Hummer called Mix in Wheels. Ultimately, the gimmicks and glitter worked to get the SATC2-obsessed fans in the mood for the actual movie. We, of course, snagged one more cupcake before heading to the premiere.

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