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Salsa Fiesta Introduces New Menu Items

​The seemingly endless road construction on Biscayne Boulevard never stopped the massive lunch crowds from rolling into Salsa Fiesta. The flagship location (a second will be opening in Pembroke Pines) has a new salsa bar, a remodeled terrace, and new menu items.

New Homemade Gourmet Salsas

Lava Cabbage Hot: Made of red onions, cabbage, and habanero.

Tamarindo Medium: Made of habanero, tamarindo, and lemon juice.

New Meal Items

Mero Macho Taco with Chimichurri Salsa: A taco stuffed with beans, lettuce, and sour cream, then topped with monterey and cheddar cheese.

Mango Burrito: This new burrito features mango and cream chipotle salsa. It also includes roasted corn, pico de gallo, lettuce, monterey jack, and cheddar cheese.

Lettuce Wrap: Lettuce Wraps are available as substitutes for orders that come with a tortilla. Other options include soft flour, whole wheat, or soft corn tortillas.

Mushroom Fajita: This mushroom, sauteed onion, and truffle oil concoction is an add-on to the Fiesta Fajita. It can also be added onto quesadilla orders.

Mayan Roll: A new dessert dish made of crispy tortilla, chocolate & vanilla ice cream, and cajeta (dulce de leche.)

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Liana Lozada