Restaurants Close: Evolution Debunked, Chispa De-Sparked

David Bouley’s Evolution closed its’ doors “indefinitely” this past Thursday evening. Sources have it that the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, which had leased the space, evicted the restaurant owners due to a back load of overdue rent payments. Some of Evolution’s purveyors and employees are left holding the bag, too.

Mr. Bouley is not believed to have any substantial investment in the enterprise. His contribution, after initial consultant work, mostly involved permission to use his name -- which evidently carries considerably more cachet in other American cities than it did here. We’ll have more details in this space tomorrow, once we speak with the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

Another of our eminent dining establishments, Chispa Restaurant and Bar, shut down last Tuesday after four years in operation. The ownership company, which includes Carlos and Jorge de Céspedes, released a statement announcing that Chispa “joins a number of venues that have departed this neighborhood because of diminished returns and consumer tastes shifting towards established chains.” The newer Chispa, in Doral, remains open.

You may ask: Are these more nails in the coffin of Miami’s devolving dining scene?

Sorry, couldn’t hear the question -- there’s this loud hammering noise in the background. -- Lee Klein

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