Plato Royale: Tortilla Española at El Rincon Asturiano and Delicias de España

The tortilla de patatas (Spanish tortilla) is a simple but tasty and versatile dish from Spain. Made with fried potatoes and eggs, you can eat it as a tapa, as a meal, in a sandwich, for breakfast. In its simplest form, it is like a thick potato omelet. In some regions, it is prepared with onions. From there, other ingredients like chorizo, red peppers, spinach or others may be added.

We ordered out tortilla from two local Spanish restaurants side-to-side to find out who had the best.

Tortilla española at El Rincon Asturiano ($4.00)

Pros: Golden on the outside, the tortilla had good flavor. It comes with a side of very garlicky sauce and bread.

Cons: The inside of the tortilla was a little runny so it easily fell apart as my fork went through it.

Tortilla española at Delicias de Espana ($2.50)

Pros: Nice and firm, this tortilla is thick and well seasoned. It also stayed together as we cut through it. Price.

Cons: For some, it may be a little on the salty side.

Verdict: Call it a matter of preference but we liked our tortilla firm and well done, so we're going with Delicias de España.

While the one at El Rincon Asturiano had a good flavor, it was a little too runny for our taste.

Delicias de Espana

4016 SW 57th Avenue


El Rincon Asturiano

225 SW 17th Avenue


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